Our Sustainability Drive

We are constantly striving to improve our products and production process's sustainability. We've improved the sustainability of our materials by 32% since we first got started.

Our Sustainable Materials

Our goal is to use at least 95% sustainably sourced natural raw materials by 2025.

Coconut Fiber

coconuts are harvested every 45 days creating an endless supply of coconut-fiber for us!

Sole Crepe

the sole crepe soles in our sandals are almost 100% pure natural latex and it's sourced entirely locally.

Upcycled Fabric and Components

sri lanka is a major apparel production hub for brands worldwide, and we are able to source lots of pre-consumer discards

Natural Latex Foam Offcuts

we use the offcuts from local mattress manufacturers and our own offcuts are used for our reusable sponges

Natural Latex Adhesives

we make our own adhesives in house using natural latex directly sourced from plantations or from waste from rubber manufacturers

we've calculated these values by weight to help us track where we are in terms of being sustainable as we believe in making honest declarations that give us the aspiration to do better and feel pride in our achievements.