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our sustainable sandals offer a modern twist on the traditional, bulky sandals. With its relaxed and stylish feel, they strike a balance between casual and formal, making them the ideal pair for both indoors and outdoors. Our unique super-padded straps and our solefit coir midsoles ensure ultimate comfort with an eco-friendly touch.

☁️ super padded straps are filled with natural latex foam offcuts
🦶🏼 sole-fit coir midsole moulds to the shape of our your feet
🌱 plantable packaging
🫶🏽 handmade in sri lanka

made to order details

As a small business, we specialize in crafting in small batches for highest quality and minimal waste. This is not only good for the environment but also enables us to offer competitive pricing.

We collect orders for one week and craft them together the following week, shipping on Saturday. While shipping dates may occasionally change, we'll always keep you informed.

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▪️ rubberized coconut-fiber
▪️ sole crepe soles
▪️ upcycled fabric
▪️ natural latex foam offcuts
▪️ natural latex-based adhesives
▪️ coconut fiber plantable packaging

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care guide

▪️ clean the cotton insole and straps with mild soap and water to remove dust and dirt, restoring their color.
▪️ for tougher marks, gently use an old toothbrush with a gentle cleaning solution.
▪️the sole will naturally collect dirt and may discolor over time, and it is not possible to restore its original milky white color.
▪️ Note: to prolong the life of the sole, avoid prolonged exposure to petroleum-based products and hot environments outside of normal use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Imalka Hettiarachchi
Most comfy pair of slippers ever worn

I purchased my first pair of Sebastco slippers a few years ago 😊 Easily the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn to date. The material is soothing to the skin. It is slightly on to the bulky side, however has the advantage of greater comfort where it almost feels as if you are walking on a cushion. It also came with sustainable packaging which I loved.

Ranil Wijeyesekera
Fit for a prince

Unisex, beautiful and conserves mother earth. Comes in a range of colour to match attaire. Gives you the extra comfort. Reduces corbon footprint. Can be used for a formal occasion. We must do our part for4 our Motherland.


These sandals are my go to sandals in and around the house in Canada where I live. Extremely comfortable, durable, and adorable. They have gotten wet multiple times and exposed to all seasons. The colour never faded and they never got smelly. Highly recommend.


I love my Sebastco sandals, bought a few years ago when Sebastco first launched! They have travelled across continents with me and their comfort and quality still remain the same.
Love the sustainability factor and can't wait to get my hands on more Sebastco goodies!


Buying a pair of slippers (or any product for that matter) from Sebastco means not just buying slippers - it also means buying into an earth-friendly thought process.